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ok folks. Its been a while. Just a little heads up. No, I am not dead. Myth computer is still though. Means no new stuff.also new employment which its keeping me very busy. So have not even tried to do much. Just want to say thanks for still being around. Stuff will come back sometime. Just not sure how long out will be. I browse on my phone and kindle still so I am still looking at stuff. People have kept up with some good stuff.
This may be long, but a couple things first: thank you all for watching and reading this. If this upsets you, I am truly sorry, but it must be said.

In Leila's last project, she invited several members of the tg community to draw themselves in a chosen lantern style. She invited select people and they in turn drew what she asked for.

This was a neat idea. I liked it and said I would join in.

Not too long after she announced it, did things go a little nuts. People not invited started to put up art. Non artists started to feel left out. Some lurkers wanted to be involved. In short: it became a mess. Did some do some great work? Oh yes. But did it start to make the whole project bigger? Unwieldy? Of course.

But Leila rolled with it well. I saw some go.with it nicely. Some not so.  But it was her thing. But then I got an Im. This person didn't feel like a member of the community. And after a long two day talk I came to a conclusion: this person wasn't looking for a community. They were looking for a support group.

There is a tg art community here that has embraced me. I will always be thankful for that. But it os not a support group. We aren't the best people to talk super personal problems for a few reasons. One: we don't know you. In this group od watchers and artists I have personally only seen two in real life. Ccp and Sesshi. Out of the others, a few I knew for years: Pip, jay, lightly frosted, griever, daffodil aura, jaime hallers. To name a few. And there are some that come to be online buddies lucky, robiotic, fuze. And then there are people I don't really know but respect. Leila, gillpanda, chaos croc. And more. But there are even more, whom I.just don't know.

Sorry. I know you comment. I am sure you're lovely people. I just don't know you. You do nice things for me, I appreciate it. But that doesn't mean we are super pals now. I may or may not draw you something.  But I am rambling.

The thing about.this community is that everyone matters. Fromthe lurkers to the artists. But, that doesn't mean anyone is going to be ignored. The artists and writers are a bit bonded with each.other. that is why we tend to draw others of us. We see what the other does and gets a bit inspired. We do nice pictures and the like.

If you aren't getting stuff drawn for you, unfortunately you aren't making an impact. It's nothing personal. How do you make an impact? Give good comments. Start actual conversations with the artists. See if you have common interests. I have lockart on live. And we've talked a bit.

I've gotten a little off track. But I just wanted to say that if you aren't included in things, just let it be. You are still important. Gonna stop rambling now.
Ok, I have done one, scanner power cord.has gone missing in the move. Beat with me until.I.find it please
I'm not retired or anything, but, lets just say things are going pretty poorly over here.

First off, I will most likely be unemployed for Christmas. I am looking before this job I have ends, and I will qualify for unemployment, which is good, but it won't be as much as I get currently.

Second, I may be having others move in, which could mean more art or less. These guys know kinda what I draw, so, it won't be that weird to draw.

Third, my computer is kinda dying. It's monitor for the laptop is dead. And with no real job, it's gonna be a bit before it can be replaced.

Fourth, the funk has gotten a bit deeper, because of all this. But, just gotta be honest with you guys.

Thanks for those who have been watching. And those who've given me gifts you guys do rule.

Special shout outs to

Sorry folks, I've just been in a funk. Moved, job troubles which have fixed kinda, and really just a MEH all over have slowed down my arts to a trickle. I'm going to try and work on it, but just lettin folks know I'm not dead.
I'm doing a new project, and I'd like to get everyone reading it.

I've recently started up a blog, for a friends site. This is why I was asking for HTML help, because his site is just using an editor, but currently, so am I. But, every Thursday, I'll be updating something on to this. Sometimes I may even put original art there. So, go check it out.…

My next goal, to make a logo for it.
Does ANYONE know HTML that can work for free? I know it's not a small request, but a friend of mine's site REALLY needs an overhaul, and if someone can help, I would provide arts. As well as credit for the HTML on the site. If you can, please note me.
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Free Requests

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 13, 2010, 9:40 AM
I'm runnin into a block, and I don't wanna let that continue. So I'm gonna offer up a request to the first three posting on this journal.

Rules on this.

It's one request per person obviously.

One single image.

One Character.

And finally keep it PG. Sorry, that's how it goes.

EDIT Got more than 3, but this should be enough for the juices get flowing. I'm cuttin it off now. Just to keep things sane for my brains.

EDIT 2 I'll try and get workin on some of these tomorrow. I'm not sure how long this will take.

EDIT 3 Started on some of the requests. IF I feel up to it, I may do more.

EDIT 4 Got everyone done, but :iconluckybucket46: His is honestly the easiest, cause I've had more practice with both his and my OC's. Like how I used the OC term? Don't get used to it.

FINAL EDIT All requests are done. Hope everyone enjoyed! I may do this again.

:iconda-fuze: Wants a Female Fuze, as a nurse. UPDATE
:iconnevermorefox: Wants Female version of his character, as a Soldier UPDATE
:icontherealyuma: Wants someone zapped... Captain EO style? That's one to think about. UPDATE…
:iconmajorkerina: Femme Duck in a pants suit. UPDATE
:iconbenwolf0: His OC Matt TG'd UPDATE…
:iconluckybucket46: Wants tanned tg tanned plump folks UPDATE


:iconmetagross111: wants his OC Joy drawn. UPDATE…

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:iconcookiefiedbeckish: is a buddy of mine in this REAL LIFE place. She's a little strapped for cash, so she's offering COMISSIONS.

5 Dollars for a simple black and white pic.

Go ask her for better info on prices!
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I know, is it really needed to work on a new project?

Well, I tossed this idea over to a buddy of mine, and he told me to go for it. So here's the idea: I love comics. They're a love of mine. I get them all the time, so why not review them right? They do it online all the time. I mean, there are guys like The Last Angry Geek and Linkara, both really good at what they do, so I want to try.

Here's a test.…

If there's stuff you want to see reviewed, put a comment down, and I'll do my best to see if I can do it.
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So, that So Big picture turned out to be rather popular. Already gotten two Fan Arty things from it, people love the plumpness. May have to look into this.
Ok Guys and Gals, I gots me a lil problem.

Today, with my tax money, I got me a new tablet. A Wacom Bamboo Pen and Fun tablet. Now, before one goes "Wow, Duck, you certainly are nifty" there's a problem. I open up flash, and it only cursor tracks to the top 1/5th the screen. The layers and frames part. Once it gets to that point, it just stops.

I kinda am gettin a lil irked at it. I've checked for new drivers for the tablet, but, that didn't really help. GIMP runs fine. Just the flash stuff doesn't. It's odd.
Thanks for all your kind words and art and well wishes for my birthday. I really appreciate it all you guys.
Notice the new thing I did? No? The one over… here?! Oh you did! Thank you theoretical person! Yeah, I love comics. And I've done a few from time to time. I get outta grove though, then they stop. So I'm gonna try again, and hopefully it'll stick.

Now, next week is my birthday. Yup.. the awesome 8th. So, any well wishin, will be appreciated. I hope ya'll enjoy it like I will!
I'm supposed to be coming back today, buuuuuuuuuttttt my flight at Atlanta is canceled. So everything gets pushed back a day. Wooness right?
Hey folks, I'll be away for a few days. I'll still be doing some stuff, I'll be drawing a bit. Gotta new sketch pad and everything.

I should have more pictures when I come back too. Could be funness.
Well guys, I'm workin on the requests. And I MAY do all the requests set up, MAY being the key word. Depends on how "cool" I think it is.

Kaji's request should be done either tonight or tomorrow, Mr. V, I'm still tryin to figure out the look. So.. I'm workin on it.
I dunno what to draw tomorrow, so, I give the first 3 people to put a comment in here.

Few rules:

This isn't for real sequences. So... Yeah, not a comic. Single pages.

Another thing, no nudity.

Last, I do have full right to say no, but as long as it's not too out there, I should take it.
Hit me up on live. GT theduckofanime
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Now, I know some people are still up in arms about the speed of this sequel, and I understand a bit, but let me just say: this game is easily twice as good as the original
everything is bigger, and better. And it's fun, if anyone is up to play sometime, let me know! I have access to the the 360 version, not the PC.
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